Established in 1996, Unkut has been around for a while - and from a very young age too, he is no stranger to the rave scene, from cutting dub plates of his own tracks, to running a small independent record label. Behind the decks, on the dance floor, or in the studio behind the controls, Unkut now has a good string of releases and history not only in the drum & bass culture, but within other scenes under various guises.

Far from a one trick pony you can hear a huge melting pot of influences and styles in Unkut's musical production as you can in his DJ sets. Upon joining the second generation of the Full Cycle crew, Unkut was quick to pick up the pace with his music productions going from strength to strength.

“The Full Rep” EP, which dropped late 2017 managed to claim top 10 positions and a number one across major download stores, as well as hitting curated itunes playlists, and gaining support from some of the scenes key players, as well as earning remix duties for high profile jungle producers of the moment. His latest release (The Funk, The Filth) has been no different, rated a whopping 10/10 with faze magazine, and gaining mammoth support from Danny Byrd on his Radio 1 show, as well as Rinse FM, Pyro Radio stations, and from Andy C, Bryan Gee, Roni Size & Ray Keith to name a few.

Full Rep EP
The Funk The Filth EP

Unkut is fast becoming recognised for his signature sounds and remix work, with new Full Cycle EP’s well underway, and more remixes in the pipeline, he is pipped to become a true taste maker, watch out for him in a venue near you soon to witness one of his fresh pioneering DJ sets

On hearing about the return of Full Cycle Records and having been in contact with Roni Size for a few years, Unkut did not hesitate to write some D&B in his jungle infused style, which Roni gave the seal of approval to.

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